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2020-2021 Season
Submitted By Tanya Thorup on Wednesday, August 26, 2020
SVC 2020-2021 Season Details

Hello all athletes and parents.

SVC is planning on going ahead with our competitive program this year.  We are also having discussions about our House league program as well.  Details regarding competitive team tryouts will be posted by the second weekend in September and details regarding a possible House League program will be posted shortly after. 

We have posted a tentative list of head coaches for our competitive program below.
The club has been in contact with the city and public health authorities when
developing our plan. Please see the details of the plan submitted below. This season
will look much different than previous years. 

Please refer below to the “SVC COVID-19 Specific Protocols” for some of the details
regarding how our season will look.  The province has developed return to play protocols
which must be adhered to and SVC will be adhering to these closely.  
Our return to play
plan reduces risk as much as possible, however our plan is still associated with moderate
risk.  For this reason we are asking that all athletes and coaches review our return to play
plan and determine if the amount of risk present in our plan is something that they can
tolerate.  We do recommend that athletes and coaches who are at higher risk (underlying
illness or age >65) do not participate this year.  The SVC executive is planning further
communication with athletes and parents with the opportunity to ask questions. More
details to come on this.
Tentative Head Coach List for competitive program
11U Stingers              TBD
12U Stingers Lori McCabe
13U Stingers Steve Chateauvert
14U Stingers Ted Hopkinson
15U Stingers Eric McCabe
16U Stingers Ken Thorup
17U Stingers TBD
18U Stingers  Greg Vivian
13U/14U Cobras   TBD
15U Cobras TBD
16U Cobras TBD
18U Cobras Spencer Trachsel

Stratford Volleyball Club (SVC) COVID-19 Response Plan

1) Oversight Group
2) Risk Assessment
3) Membership survey 
4) SVC COVID-19 Specific Protocols
5) SVC COVID-19 Communication Plan
1) Oversight Group:
The SVC 9 person executive will serve as the oversight group.  This currently includes the following:
Shawn Edwards - President 519-301-7883 [email protected]
Ted Hopkinson - Vice President 519-276-8279 [email protected]
Tanya Thorup - Registrar 519-274-5359 [email protected]
Ann McKay - Treasurer
Jody Horne - Secretary
Camilo Chacon - Stratford Minor Sports Council Representative
Eric McCabe - Coaching rep
Sara Lang - Coaching Rep
Greg Vivian - Coaching Rep
2) Risk Assessment - Moderate Risk (high-moderate)  4/6
See the sample Risk Assessment Tool used in the fourth attachment
Date of Risk assessment  - Aug 20, 2020
Present Local re-opening stage     - Stage 3
Public Health Contact Number - 1-888-221-2133
Person Completing Risk Assessment   - Dr. Shawn Edwards
Communications Lead - Dr. Shawn Edwards
Medical Lead - Dr. Shawn Edwards
Operations Lead - Ted Hopkinson
Primary Club Contact - Dr. Shawn Edwards 519-301-7883 [email protected]
Using both the Initial Risk Assessment and the Modified Risk Assessment tools (link found below), the risk score in both cases is 4/6 placing our plan in the Moderate Risk Category.
This score reflects the following risk factors:
 +1 -Training will be considered higher risk since training groups will have 2 or more individuals
 +1- Training will be indoors
 +1- There is evidence of community spread in our region the last 14 days
 +1- Training will be held in a venue with access by multiple user groups (This was counted as a risk factor even though the club with not be engaged in any activities in the Agriplex gym when it is being used by other groups)
 0 - Our club members are at lower risk for severe COVID-19 disease.  Our members will be educated regarding what constitutes "higher risk" and those who are at higher risk will be advised not to participate.
 0 - Club members will be restricted to participants in our local catchment region.
3) Membership survey 
SVC has sent a survey to all members outlining the measures that will be taken to reduce the
risk as much as possible.  Highlights of our return to play protocol were provided.  Families
were then asked if they would plan on sending their children back to play.  As of Aug 17th,
2020 we had 48 responses and 100% of these responses have indicated that parents feel
comfortable sending there athletes back to SVC training at the Agriplex if it is available or
outdoors if the Agriplex is unavailable.

Membership survey
4) SVC COVID-19 Specific Protocols
SVC will adhere to the Ontario Volleyball Association Return to Play Protocol which is
Phase specific.  These protocols have been reviewed and approved by Ontario Public
Health Authorities.  The details below apply to Phase 3. Also see the Ontario Volleyball
Association Return To Play Protocol Link below.  SVC will adhere to our Return to Play
Compliance Checklist.

- No more than 50 participants will be allowed at a practice facility at any given time.
If the Agriplex cannot be secured as a practice facility, tryouts and practices will occur
outside while also adhering to all the protocols outlined by the OVA.

- Practice times will be arranged to avoid exceeding the 50 participant limit. 
As such, teams practicing will vacate the gym or outdoor courts before new teams
arrive.  Practices will be scheduled in such a way that coaches and athletes in                      any given participant cohort will not be in direct contact with members of another            cohort during SVC activities.
- Club members should follow all public health guidelines regarding COVID-19. These
may include:
  • Any club members who themselves have travelled outside of Canada, or has       someone in their household who has travelled outside Canada must self-isolate     and not participate in club activities for 14 days
  • Any individual who has been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of            COVID-19 should self-isolate and is not permitted to participate in club activities          for 14 days
  • Any individual with symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted to take part in                club activities
  • Any individual who has someone in their household showing symptoms of              COVID-19, should not participate in club activities 
- Entrance and exit of players will be controlled and monitored.  If the Agriplex is
being used and a direct outside door entrance to the gym cannot be used, then
participants will enter through the main entrance and enter and exit the gym
through different designated doors.  All doors that require touching to open will
be cleaned after each training session.
- Coaches will be required to wear masks at all times and ensure adherence to the
SVC return to play protocols. A SVC executive will monitor practices to ensure
protocols  are adhered to.

- All athletes and coaches will be required to complete a health screening
questionnaire before every practice.  A record of the heath screening questionnaire
will be kept.
- All practice participants will be recorded for contact tracing purposes.  These
records will also be kept on file.

OVA Session Tracking sheet
- Any athlete or coach who becomes unwell during a practice session will be
isolated until they leave or be picked up from the facility.  The isolation room will
be cleaned appropriately if this occurs.  Otherwise this room will not be utilized by SVC.
A COVID-19 oversight Group member will follow up with these individuals.  Return to
play will not be allowed until they are well or until they have had testing indicating
that they do not have COVID-19, or until they have been well for 14 days - whichever
is appropriate.  Individuals testing positive for COVID-19 will not be allowed to return
to play until given permission by local public health authorities.

OVA Daily Health Screening Questionnaire

- If the Agriplex is secured as a practice facility, athletes will be restricted to using the
washrooms in the change rooms and will not be allowed to use the washrooms in the
lobby.  Partricipants will not be permitted to use the change rooms for any purpose
other than using the washrooms if needed.

- Game play between SVC teams will not be allowed.

- There will be no competition with teams from other volleyball clubs or with players
who are not SVC members.

- All athletes will be required to wear face masks while indoors except when on
the volleyball court AND engaged in play. 

- All athletes will be required to have hand sanitizer in their athletic bag and will be
instructed to use it before and after practice, at each water break, and as needed.
They will also be required to have their own water bottle and will not be permitted to
use public water fountains associated with the practice facility.

- All unnecessary physical contact will be eliminated (eg. no high 5’s, no huddles).

- Drills and play will be designed to minimize the risk of direct athlete contact - 
Prolonged, and deliberate physical contact will be prohibited during game play;
however, athletes can breach physical distancing while on the court in a game
setting.  P
ractices will be designed to avoid breaching this 2m distance as much as

- No more than 6 athletes will be allowed on one side of the court (7 if a libero is
being used). 

- Athletes will be instructed to maintain 2 meters of physical distancing at all times
off the court and when possible during on court activities. Coaches will monitor to
ensure this is followed.
- Volleyballs will be assigned to teams and will not be shared with other teams.
These balls will be cleaned after use.
- Equipment set up will be limited to persons trained to do so and these persons will
engage in hand washing before before and after set-up.
- Assuming the Agriplex gym is used, all equipment will be cleaned after practice
(Nets may be difficult to clean but will be stored in a closed container).  All equipment
with be stored in the locked SVC cage at the Agriplex and no other user groups will be
able to access this area.

- Unless the setting is outdoors, parents will not be allowed to be present during
practices except under special circumstances that are approved by the SVC executive.
- In the event that a coach or athlete tests positive for COVID-19, all coaches and
athletes in the same practice time slot will be notified and prohibited from further
practice and all parents as well as public health will be notified.  These athletes and
coaches will be unable to return to practice until permission is granted by public

- All SVC practice activities will cease or be modified accordingly if local public
health recommendations change. An SVC representative will be assigned to monitor
for public health recommendation changes daily and to answer any questions that
families may have.

- Practice days and times may differ from previous years. This may be required to
reduce the risk related to other groups who may be using the practice facility at other times.  
- All athletes/guardians/executive,volunteers will need to sign a waiver related to
COVID-19 (see the second attachment below).  All athletes/guardians will be required to
sign the OVA Return To Play Acknowledgement Form.

OVA Return to Play Waiver 

- Families will be kept up to date regarding changes in return to play protocols as well
as the reasons for any changes.  Communication will be done through several social
media platforms and members will be encouraged to check these platforms frequently.
(See the SVC COVID-19 Communication Plan below.)
- Members of the SVC oversight group will monitor to ensure that the return to play
protocols are being followed.
- For more details please see the link from the OVA that outlines return to play protocols
in more detail.

OVA Return to play protocols.

5) SVC COVID-19 Communication Plan
- Families will be surveyed to gauge their level of comfort with our return to play plan                                          - done.

- The SVC executive and COVID-19 Oversight Group will meet bi-weekly as needed or
more frequently as needed to assign/review responsibilities, trouble shoot, and to ensure
the plan is being followed and implemented properly.

- The lead of the COVID-19 Oversight Group will draft regular update notices which
will be communicated to all SVC members through e-mail, twitter, and facebook such
that notification of changes in protocol can be communicated swiftly.  This communication
will occur weekly as needed. Public Health announcements will be monitored daily.

- Consideration will be given to holding a virtual townhall on Return to Play Protocols
to answer any questions. 

- E-mails and phone numbers will be collected from all members.

- Mandatory Education in SVC's COVID-19 Return to Play Plan will be required by all
coaches, executive, and volunteers before that can engage in any club activities.  This
will occur via a virtual platform such as ZOOM.

- The COVID-19 Oversight Group Lead will answer all queries from SVC members or
the community in a timely fashion.

- SVC contact information for all club members will be on-file.

- All waivers, acknowledgement forms, contact information, daily health screening,
session participation data will be stored by the club for future reference. 

- All COVID-19 related communications will be available on our website for future

- If it is determined that a club member has tested positive for COVID-19, all
club members that may have been in close contact with that individual with be
contacted by a member of the COVID-19 oversight Group.  Public Health, the
Ontario Volleyball Association and the facility contact person will also be notified.


Shawn Edwards
SVC President and SVC COVID-19 oversight group lead

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