Beach League (Stratford Volleyball Club)

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Substitutions & Players per Team

• Teams may have additional players on their roster (Max 6 players for 4’s)
• All SVC  Beach Volleyball League participants (including subs) must read, print and sign the SVC Beach League Waiver Form to be sanctioned members. The signed waiver needs to be submitted to league organizers prior to playing. Teams who are found with non-sanctioned players could be asked to leave the league without refund or warning.

• During regular season if teams are short they may borrow players from other teams provided that the opposing team captain agrees AND that player is a member of the SVC Beach Volleyball league.

• It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to inform all players (including substitutions) of any league updates &/or  changes.  Team Captains are also responsible for making sure that every player on their teams' roster (including substitutions) has signed our league waiver form PRIOR to playing any matches.

The Block

• A block is defined as an attempt by a player(s) to interrupt the ball before, as, or just after it crossed the net.
• A blocker may block a ball on the opponents’ side of the court:
            1. After the opposing team has made its final contact.
            2. Any time the attacking team has directed the ball towards the opponents’ court.

• Players reaching over the net to block their opponents attempt to set up the ball will result in a fault.

• Blocking the serve is not permitted.


• Matches will consist of 3 sets, using rally point scoring.

• Winner of a set will be the first to 21. You must win by two points or until the 25 point cap is reached.

• Reporting Scores - WINNERS of each match (including default wins) must report scores to a SVC representative.

• If a team is 10 minutes late from the start of the scheduled match time, the team will be forced to default the first set. The team that is present will win 21-0.

• If a team is late 20 minutes from scheduled match start time, the team present will also win the second and third sets 21-0 and will win the match by default. Team that is present still MUST report scores (21-0, 21-0, 21-0).

• If a team fails to show up for a league match, they will receive 1 warning from league organizers. If the same team repeats this offence by not showing up for a second match, the team may be disqualified from the league & possibly replaced by a team on the wait list. The disqualified team will receive NO refund.

• Co-Ed 4’s teams will default unless they have a minimum of 3 players on the court.

Weather & Rain Outs

• League matches are played in light RAIN or SHINE. Weather can change very quickly so do not assume that your scheduled match has been cancelled.

• All players must show up for their scheduled league match times. At the start time of that league night, a decision will be made as to whether or not to play that night. League matches will be cancelled ONLY if lightening or extraordinary weather conditions is threatening the area surrounding the beach volleyball courts at the start time of league & not before. DO NOT play in lightening. If you start your match and then it begins to storm, STOP PLAYING and get shelter immediately.

• If play is decided for league night, any teams not present will default.
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